About Us

Industrial & Home Power Solution was Started with the objective to Innovative, Constantly Improve and Deliver a range of electronics Products like Power inverter, UPS Power System batteries etc. Thet delivers Greater Productivity and higher value to our Customers While Increasing its Business Opportunities IHPS has emerged as one of the Leaders of Electrical Industries with Constant Efforts and a dynamic mode Operandi. We are committed to providing Quality Products and Services Which Constantly Offer value in terms of price and Quality. We are one of the leading Distributor in Inverter/ Home  UPS, Offline and Online UPS, Battery & Battery Charger etc.
IHPS is Supplying all kinds of Batteries & UPS From Some of the Leading manufacturers Including SMF VRLA Batteries, Traction Batteries, Lifter Batteries, DG Set batteries 2 Volt Set and APC Online UPS Microtek UPS, NEXUS Online UPS For Every Type of Application. And we also have a wide range of Solar System.